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Designed by Ajit Wijitilekk, former International Player and the recipient of the prestigious Eklavya Award, the Badminton camp is for children in the age group of 10-16. In this camp, the students will not only learn the technical skills of the game, but also the mental skills required to excel in it. The camp runs from November 1 to November 15, 2020. 

Limited Students Per Batch.

₹ 1725 / per sport

Badminton Camp

Hosted by VK Sports

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1.Sanitize your hands before entering

2.Sanitize your shoe sole before entering

3.Get your temperature checked before entering

4.Wear your Mask daily

5.Carry your own water bottle

6.Carry your own sanitizer bottle

7.Maintain 6ft distance while talking with your friends

8.Do not touch and talk

9.Follow the instructions given by your coach

10.Badminton kids to carry your own racket

11.Football kids to carry your football boots

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Yes, you can. Charges will vary depending on the sport you choose.


Yes, you can. Freeze period is restricted to only 30 days once a year. 


Yes, you can transfer the membership to another person and change the sport. Charges will be applied accordingly. For more details you can contact our reception  desk.

Yes , we have certified trainers who will give you one on one training , diet plan, worksheet and monitor your workouts on a daily basis.