Our Values

We build to make a Difference

Here to make a difference beyond what a cup of coffee can. From drafting curriculums to changing lifestyles, we are here to call for change.

We believe in bestowing quality

Quality over quantity, while everyone says it, we do it. When you do anything with quality, it stands unmatched and unconquered. That’s what we strive on, best support it with our world class amenities.

We chant and chase growth

Set a target and work to strike at the bull’s eye. We build it all, concisely and confidently.


We hit and strike our Targets

Set a target and work to strike at the bull’s eye. We build it all, concisely and confidently.

We are Customer Friendly and Focused

We grow together, we build individually. That explains our agenda to build a healthier community, a healthier workspace with a positive outlook.


We Tip Toe on the Tick Tocks of Working Hard

A healthy body, A happy mind and a strong attitude, when you master these, you master anything and everything in no time. And this, you will find with us.

Fun at Work


Connect with the

To gain access to the Fitness Centre, it is necessary for you to register with us and visit our facility.  Our staff will take you on floor tour.   For more details you can contact the reception

You do not have to be a member to use the Fitness Centre,  however it is considerably cheaper if you are. Check out the membership options

Please consult our Prices page for information about how much it costs to use the gym

You can pay the subscription fee via card/ cash/ online. We have various options for you.


Yes, you can. Charges will vary depending on the sport you choose.


Yes, you can. Freeze period is restricted to only 30 days once a year. 


Yes, you can transfer the membership to another person and change the sport. Charges will be applied accordingly. For more details you can contact our reception  desk.

Yes , we have certified trainers who will give you one on one training , diet plan, worksheet and monitor your workouts on a daily basis.

Our operating hours are from 6am to 7pm on all 7 days of the week.


Yes, We do have coaching for kids below 12 years. You can visit our Programme page to know more details

Yes , we have a swimming pool which is temperature controlled