The slick and minimal designed gym at VK Sports is one the biggest and finest in the area, boasting 5000 sq ft dedicated to fitness. We believe the importance of specialized training when striving to achieve personal fitness goals, ergo we’ve recruited the best talent from within the local fitness scene. Our expert trainers specialize in Strength and Conditioning for those interested in a progressive fitness regime.


Personal training programmes:


a. BMI Test


b. Fitness assistance


c. Body weight workout


d. Weight Training


e. Functional training


f. Every month fitness assessment


g. Diet plans


h. Circuit workout


i. HIT workout


j. Medical Rehabilitation workout




⦁ Use equipment properly and follow the directions carefully


⦁ Work hard every time and show up regularly


⦁ Do not lean on the equipments keep your hands away from any moving parts


⦁ Consult a physician before beginning an exercise programme


⦁ No food or drinks allowed inside the GYM except water. No smoking


⦁ Children under 1 must be accompanied by an adult


⦁ Proper fitness attire is required. No boots street shoes or sandals or barefoot


⦁ Report any damaged equipment to the management immediately. Do not use


⦁ Please return all equipment to its place after use. 


⦁ Please carry your own towel when coming for a workout


⦁ Paying the guest fee enables the payer to enter the VKSC facility as a guest until he or she leaves the VKSC facility. There is no “ free re-entry”.


⦁ VKSC will immediately terminate the  membership status of any member who is found to be violating this policy. VKSC will immediately terminate the  membership status of any member who is found to be violating this policy. Any guest  who is found to be violating this policy will have to leave the VKSC premises immediately. 


⦁ Anyone who violates this policy will not be entitled to any refund and may be barred from entering the VKSC premises n future

₹ 100 / hr


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12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

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To gain access to the Fitness Centre, it is necessary for you to register with us and visit our facility.  Our staff will take you on floor tour.   For more details you can contact the reception

You do not have to be a member to use the Fitness Centre,  however it is considerably cheaper if you are. Check out the membership options

Please consult our Prices page for information about how much it costs to use the gym

Yes, you can. Charges will vary depending on the sport you choose.


Yes, you can. Freeze period is restricted to only 30 days once a year. 


Yes, you can transfer the membership to another person and change the sport. Charges will be applied accordingly. For more details you can contact our reception  desk.

Yes , we have certified trainers who will give you one on one training , diet plan, worksheet and monitor your workouts on a daily basis.