Badminton Court 2

Sports believes that good facilities are fundamental to developing sporting opportunities for everyone, from the youngest beginner to the international class athlete. This sport is our most on demand activity on any day which is why we have six state-of-the-art courts!   (which adhere to International Badminton standards) 

Do and Don'ts :

Badminton :

⦁ Members are requested  to enter the court only with non marking shoes

⦁ Members are requested to change their shoes at and before entering the court

⦁ All VKSC members, guests and court rental players must check-in at the VKSC front desk.

⦁ Anyone who does not enroll with the biometric finger access post registration will not get access into the court.

⦁ Paying the guest fee enables the payer to enter and play in the VKSC facility as a guest until he or she leaves the VKSC facility. There is no “ free re-entry”.

⦁ VKSC Management may limit the number of guests and court rental players than can use the VKSC facility at any time

⦁ VKSC will immediately terminate the  membership status of any member who is found to be violating this policy. Any guest or court rental player who is found to be violating this policy will have to leave the VKSC premises immediately. 


⦁ Anyone who violates this policy will not be entitled to any refund and may be barred from entering the VKSC premises in future.


₹ 250 / hr

Badminton Court 2

Hosted by VK Sports

  • Badminton

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10:00 AM to 03:00 PM

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Badminton Court 2

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